“People always ask me, how does a kid from California make it to the NHL?

Good question. I was born and grew up playing hockey in Southern California. Yes, I know, not your hockey hotbed is it? When I got to the age of 4, my dad took me to a Kings' game. After the game they had a public skating session where my dad pretty much dragged me around the Forum ice for my first skating experience. After that I was hooked. I played youth hockey in the Los Angeles area until I was 16.

At 16 I left L.A. for Minnesota to finish my senior year and play high school hockey. The next year I played in the USHL for the Austin Mavericks. I played there for 2 seasons and then moved to the Rochester Mustangs for one more season. I then attended the University of Wisconsin — Stevens Point, where I ended up winning the National Championship my junior and senior years.

I then found my way into the Boston Bruins training camp where they offered me a NHL contract. Four months later I was called up from the Maine Mariners, to play in my first NHL game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. I scored 2 goals in that game and got to start the next game against the Edmonton Oilers, along with Randy Burridge, Dave Christian, Glen Wesley and finally Ray Bourque. I had finally reached my unthinkable dream.

As for inline hockey, I'll never forget my first days on quad roller skates as a kid. They were metal skates that strapped onto our shoes and had aluminum wheels. They were the loudest things ever. Then we moved into more advanced skates with custom wheels and bearings, cast iron plates riveted onto my New Balance high-top shoes. We were “styling”. We’d play hockey on our high school tennis courts or use them to skate to the beach; 26 miles round trip. We’d take them to the skate parks or friends’ empty pools to skate in. Those were the days.

Then came the RHI. A professional inline hockey league that would change the way we inline skate forever. The first year was a learning phase for everyone, after that the creativity and skill of playing inline hockey professionally started to take shape. Over the past 9 years of inline hockey, I have been involved in probably every aspect of it including RHI, MLRH, Swiss Inline Hockey League (SIHL), Team USA for 3 years gaining 2 gold medals, and even Pro Beach Hockey (PBH). I’ve been teaching inline hockey for 6 years all over the world. Now with most of the professional inline leagues gone, I can focus on teaching inline as well as ice full time.

Norwalk Ice Arena, 1973
Southeastern Blues Mites

Austin Mavericks, 1985
USHL Regular Season Champions

Stevens Point, WI 1990
Back-to-Back National Champions